* The Horses *

An online live Art Show.


Horse studies.
Charcoal (and white chalk) on brown paper.
(Available as Museum-quality Poster Prints in the Shop)
(To inquire about purchasing an original, please contact me)


– Introduction –

Traditionally, when preparing a show, I would work hidden in the studio until the big day of the exhibition opening, where all the pieces would be revealed at once. But this is 2020, and with the pandemic affecting a lot of our social interactions, we have to adapt.
So, I decided to try something a bit different with this new collection.
I thought maybe we could enjoy the journey together and I would share some pieces with you as the collection progresses and develops.
Let’s think of this as an online live Art Show, in the making, growing and changing as the pieces come together.

Welcome to my new (and current) collection * The Horses *,
I hope you’ll enjoy the adventure!

Make sure to stop by the shop if you’d like to order some prints, or commission a piece!
To purchase an original, or for comments or questions, feel free to reach out.
And stay safe while celebrating the beauty, the strength, and also the fragility of the horse…as an allegory for life!

Astrid Chevallier


Horse Stories.
Charcoal + Digital treatment.
(Available as High-end Metal Prints and Museum-quality Poster Prints in the Shop)


To be continued…as the collection develops.