Thank you for your consideration.
Here are a few answers about how commissions work, but feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

What is a commission?

“In art, a commission is the act of requesting the creation of a piece”. (Wikipedia)
In other words, you might be thinking “Hey Astrid, I have this great idea, do you think you could make it happen?”.

Why Commission?

A unique piece of art, made for you, for your business, or for your loved ones, is a one of a kind, very special gift!

What will it look like?

While no-one can predict exactly what a piece will look like until it’s done, you still can get a sense of it.

Because you’ve seen some of my work, you like the style, the energy, and the process altogether, and you’d love me to capture the essence of a specific subject matter, there’s a je-ne-sais-quoi that will be there.
Or maybe you’d like to order a variation of an existing piece, and that may be a different treatment (how about a glossy acrylic print instead of a metal print?), a new color palette, or a custom size to fit a specific wall in your home or office, and that’s easier to envision.

I have a lot of experience working for clients (and an international career as a designer, creating posters for cities, theaters, and the film industry), and wether you are looking for a very specific image treatment or for a unique concept, I am always keen to bring that special vibrant energy in the final visual!

How does it work?

If you’d like to provide a specific image as a model, it’d be great. It is, of course, mandatory for portrait commissions. The final art piece will be an interpretation of it.
Or maybe you have an idea (for exemple “a horse standing in a field, looking far away, like he owns the world”) and you’d like my take on it.

What is the process for a commission?

After you fill up and send the form below, I’ll get back to you with more specific questions about your project, such as your artwork need, the final treatment, specific color palette, timeline and of course budget consideration.

Once we agree on the project description and cost, I’ll email you a contract with pricing and timeline details, and an invoice with a link to make a 50% deposit. Once the contract and payment are received, the creation of your artwork will begin.

Typical timeline:

  1. Discussion and quote.
  2. Signing agreement and 50% deposit.
  3. Artwork review (potential costs of adjustments will be discussed in the quote).
  4. Final Artwork approval and 2nd 50% payment.
  5. Final production and shipping with certificate.

What is the cost of a commission?

A one character black and white portrait on 9 x 12 inches paper will start at a price range similar to existing same size artworks currently offered for purchase in the shop. Pricing might be adjusted according to the subject matter and the complexity of the expected end result.

A more complex artwork (for exemple a piece with several characters and a sophisticated color and texture treatment) will require more time and additional steps than a single charcoal portrait. Also the production cost of the final product might add to the price (for exemple: for any digital artwork, High-end Metal Prints or Acrylic Prints are more costly then Museum-quality Poster Prints).
Licensing options for professional use (promotion, advertising…), shipping, will also add up.

It is therefore crucial that we discuss your project ahead of time, in order to know exactly what is involved.

Any warranty?

In the very unlikely event you’re not fully happy with the artwork, during the first review, you will have the opportunity to request up to two rounds of adjustments (which may come at an additional cost) in order to refine the piece.

If the final Artwork review still doesn’t work for you, you can apply 50% of your initial deposit to purchase any available existing piece in my Art Shop within six (6) months. The commissioned artwork would be retained and might be offered for sale on my website in the future.

Can I return the commissioned Artwork for a refund after delivery?

Commissioned Artwork are created especially for you, and cannot be returned.

Will my artwork be framed?

We can certainly discuss framing options ahead of time.
If you commission an original work on paper, I think it’d be best you choose a frame at your preferred shop.
If you commission a digital work however, there’s many different print techniques nowadays, with all kinds of hanging and framing options.

How do I get started?

Simply fill up the form below and click “send”.
I’ll get back to you shortly to discuss more in depth how we can create that unique and powerful Piece of Art!

Type of Commission