Born and raised in France, Astrid Chevallier studied in Fine Art schools in Paris.
She learned the art and craft of drawing, painting, sculpting, and studied photography, and graphic design.
She became a successful Art Director and made a name for herself as a designer for Posters for Cities and Theaters.
When Astrid got recruited to design Movie Posters in Los Angeles, her photoshop skills led her to freelance for many of the best advertising agencies in town.
Her boutique design studio Purple Red, offers creative and design services to the movie industry, including Key Art design and photography retouching.


Photography starts with creating a solid composition and capturing the essence of the subject matter.
“When working with a model, we usually warm up for a little bit with the first shots. Then the session morphs into some kind of dance, as we work together to create stunning images.¬†I love when I can feel the energy, and I want my pictures to convey the spirit of the moment!” says Astrid Chevallier.
Post-production is also a big part of the process: light gets sculpted, and images are enhanced as needed.


Astrid will take you on a photographic adventure, where the core of the pictures is created together on site, and enhanced later in her studio.
The process is a fun and truly unique experience, resulting in timeless pieces of fine art.

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