So Far, My Love

Live Rehearsal




Written, Recorded & Produced by Astrid Chevallier.
All instruments and voices by Astrid Chevallier except:
* Produced by Astrid Chevallier & Santino,
** Produced by Astrid Chevallier, Papis & Patrice Weizs,
*** Lead guitar by Kamil Rustam.
Recorded in Paris & Los Angeles.
Sound Engineer + Mastering: Waldo Valenzuela.
© {P} 2006 Astrid Chevallier, BMI.
Photos & Design by Astrid Chevallier.


If we could live a million years,
Dinosaurs wouldn’t seem that old
Winters wouldn’t feel that cold
Your missing wouldn’t be that bold
A million more would have to be unfold
Ooh, Aah, Wake up now,
Get up now and get a life!
I’m a million miles away from you
still I’m with you
I’m a million miles away from you
Baby, Baby, yeah...
Let’s say you live a hundred years,
It’s optimistic please take care...
It means one year of your life,
Is one percent of your time on Earth.
You’d better make sure what you invest into,
Cause Life goes fast whatever you do.
And if you happen to die when you’re fifty...
A year is two percents, do you get me?
I breathe in, you breathe out,
You breathe in, I breathe out,
And now we change...
You breathe in, I breathe out,
I breathe in, and you breathe out ...