So Far, My Love

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PRESS: TRIBU MOVE Magazine • July 2007

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Astrid Chevallier "So Far, My Love"
(Import) Divine pop

Musician and Visual Artist Astrid Chevallier has been performing solo and with orchestras for 12 years.
Born in France, she graduates in Music and Visual Art at the Lycée Français de Vienne in Austria.
Back to Paris, she performs in a Punk band, makes a name for herself in the Graphic world and then moves to Los Angeles to pursue her passion. By day she designs movie posters, and she dedicates her nights to her music.
In 2004, she writes the theme song of the short film "Cuco Gomez-Gomez is Dead!" She then starts to work on her first album, a pure blast of superb melodies and catchy songs.
Not only she's a singer/songwriter, she also records, programs and produces music in a mix of pop, rock and electronic influences. Astrid Chevallier invites you to follow her in her poetic universe, serene or upbeat, and always heartfelt. The emotions translate in her voice that mind remind you of some of Nina Hagen's, Björk's or Marianne Faithfull's intonations. Let us hope that this gem is also going to seduce the French with her eclectic freedom, sensibility and surprises.
In the meantime, go and discover her atypical style on her website

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