So Far, My Love

Live Rehearsal




The Gallery/Shop Maude Carrin is an eclectic place that is worth a visit if you're looking for some unique items and a special place in Los Angeles.
I have been invited by NetteRadio - who has been playing on air my song "Running Away" while I was on tour - to hang my painting collection "Goldissime" in the gallery and to perform my music set, along with 3 other female performers for music day.
The opening and performance is taking place all over the shop and the amazing patio that features dark wooden stairs running all over the place. It's probably the nicest building in the area, with its paved backyard and bricks walls. Open bar and BBQ for everyone. definitely a nice set-up.
Now that I'm back from my tour, it's a new challenge to perform again in front of people who saw me before. And as I mention in the video, it's also the first time I get an exhibition and a gig at the same time. Quite amazing since I've been quite proficient in both disciplines for a while.
The funny thing is that since the room is quite empty, and although the sound guy really knows what he's doing, the sound resonates all over the place, from ground to celling and on each wall. That, in addition to the amplifiers and the return sounds, makes it quite difficult for the performer to place her voice accurately since everything comes back distorted. But again, when working with professionals, we always find a way to get the show going.
Later on tonight, a photographer from the magazine 944 showed up for a portrait cession. And next thing you know, we're plugging all the gear again and I get to perform a second full set, which is great since the audience renew itself, and everyone is a bit drunk and excited by the whole photo cession.
That show closes my "So Far, My Love" tour, and now I'm getting ready for new adventures...

Gallery Maude Carrin - Los Angeles
June 16, 2007 - Camera by Marie-Hélène Riverain