So Far, My Love

Live Rehearsal




This is the Alliance Française celebration of the Fête de la Musique.
It's an outdoor festival with lots of bands from everywhere and lots of food.

Since I like to check out the places where I perform before the D-day, I went up there the day before... after a friend of mine told me it might haunted...
In fact the Greystone Mansion is quite a strange place, pretty imposing, with a british castle touch and some quite amazing gardens and fountains. The inside seems quite spectacular too.
I ended up being the only human being around, and I can still hear the resonance of my heels on the stone pavement as I was exploring the courtyards. It is a very unexpected sanctuary in the Los Angeles craziness, and I was quite curious to see it full of people, music and other joyful attributes, since that day it gave me sense of peace, mystery and I confirm it might be haunted.
Anyway, the next day I'm playing there.
All of a sudden - as you can hear on the video - there's these guys yelling "I love you", and that one is walking towards me, drops a note and kisses me in the middle of my song!! Notice that right after that, the sound of the mic goes off (too much electricity!!!?!!), despise the sound engineer running around, trying to fix the interference in the mic and the electric shocks I keep getting through my guitar.

Also, what you don't see, is that right in my back, on my right hand side, there's Penelope setting up her puppet show, coming up with crocodiles, bugs, snakes, parrots, a skeleton and dozen of other crazy animals. When I turn around at the end of my set, there's a whole jungle staring at me!

Now that's what I like about performing, and I keep saying that those moments ARE precious: every time it's different, and you just never know what is going to happen!!!


Greystone Mansion - Beverly Hills
June 10, 2007 • Camera on tripod