So Far, My Love

Live Rehearsal




Auvergne, another small village in France, at an organic market fair.
It's a beautiful day and a pretty place. The fair is all based on organic products and there's plenty of small producers selling they products: honey, cheese (especially one full of worms on the surface, if you bother it with a knife and stare long enough, you can actually see the little little ones moving... and yes, it's delicious!!), bread, clothing, wine, this is the real country side of France!
I must thank the organizer who was really bad on my previous show to make me get that one. I was originally scheduled in a totally different place, but this one is really nice!
There's a traditional band playing before I'm on. Three people are playing old fashion tunes with accordions while a bunch of others are dancing the way our ancestors were. And the average age of the performers is... 70 years old!! Believe me or not, but at some point they did a dance where the ladies were hold tight by the men who made them turn until they literally fly in the air!
What an opening gig!!
I did a short version of my set. Funny to see that during the first 2 songs everyone stared at me and no-one would make a move, like in a movie! But after the third one, everything went back to normal, people remembered they had a drink and things to do and people to talk to and all that.
It was a bit confusing, but since when I got off stage I got several offers to play somewhere else next time I'm around, I guess they enjoyed the performance...
An old friend of mine showed up and played paparazzi before I saw him. I haven't seen him in years and he and his wife drove all across the mountains to come over and say "hello". Chapeau!
As the next performers went on (a quite amazing blues/rock/french story tellers followed by two clowns) I did some shopping and couldn't help myself but getting some of this weird "moving cheese" that we would share later on with my guests. I forgot how it's called... but really it tastes good!

Festival - Langeac, France
May 13, 2007 • Camera by Léo