So Far, My Love

Live Rehearsal




Auvergne, a small village in France. A beautiful place in the middle of nowhere.
After a couple of days at my mother's place to set me back up in the current century, I drove the 8 hours to get there, and end up in a nice but rustic place.
I went for a picnic in a magical place in the middle of the woods with some new friends and we collected white flowers in some untouched wild fields so set up in the bar where I'm going to play tonight. The only issue is that 3 hours before the concert the organizer of the show is nowhere around, and that we're running late. He ends up calling me to ask me to pick up the sound system in a nearby village, at the guy's who's scheduled to open up for me. So a friend drives me to the plaza, but we have no clue who we're looking for - we don't even know his name -and we're not precisely sure where he lives. We look around and finally find the guy (one must believe sometimes) and he reveals to be... a complete dump!!!
No, I'm not kidding! He's dead drunk, he's proud to say he hasn't washed himself for days, and he's totally hitting on me!!! What a nightmare!
But the show must go on, so we drop him at the bar, and I'm so mad I need a drink and a smoke to try to release the stress. The organizer finally showed up and I ask him to deal with the whole situation and to call me 15mn before I'm on.
When I finally find enough peace of mind to head there, the crowd is very defensive, despise all the set up we come up with (flowers, and butterflies kites to hand on the walls).
Sure enough, I have no voice. When that happens, it usually comes back after a couple of songs, but tonight... nope! So I find myself rewriting melodies on the spot, so that I can deliver the message and respect the songs, but I lost all my wide vocal range, and that is quite a challenge!!
Thanks to those who supported me that night, it was definitely one I'll remember!!

L'embuscade - Chilhac, France
May 12, 2007 • Camera by Léo