So Far, My Love

Live Rehearsal




Paris, Champs-Elysées.
I am the Tenor Yves Baron's special guest for this european celebration night.
Very jet-set.
Lots of beautiful people.
Lots friends (and friends of friends) and family I haven't seen in centuries.
The set up is quite different since this is the upper section of a night-club: no real stage, no real sound, no light, a packed bar and restaurant, and a fashion défilé being projected on the wall.
I split my set in two sections so that there's time in between to talk, and drink, and meet people then go back on.
It's a whole new setting to me: I usually use the silence a lot in my performances, so that when my sound comes on it feels loud. But here, the silence is filled up with people talking and silverware noises and such big brouhaha fog, that all I can do is surf the sound. But then there's also clapping and people coming over to talk and offering drinks, so I guess they got a sense of where I wanted to take them to!
That night I end up catching a cab on the Champs-Elysées to drive me back to the Squat. The paradox is a quite an accurate symbol of the evening.
More money than everywhere else but less response. More people but less attention.
More response but less commitment. More glamour but less truth.
This was my third and last show in Paris on this tour, and I must say I learned from every of them. I learned that every show is different, that every night is a re-invention, and that no matter what, I must give the best of what I can do on a given day on a given time.
That, by itself, was worth the trip!

Six-Seven / First Floor - Paris
May 9, 2007 • Camera by Léo