So Far, My Love

Live Rehearsal




Le Set the la Butte... is this special hidden place in Montmartre that opened its doors especially for my show! What an honor!
I've been living in the Squat for a couple of days now.
I'm getting used to the rusticity, still I got the need to offer my guests some comfy sheets and pillows. What an update, what a fiesta! But I got a show tonight, so I head to that unique swimming parisian pool: it's on the boat on the Seine and you can see boats passing by while you're doing your laps! Quite amazing. I use the facility to do my hair, like a real homeless punk girl (or a Madonna Icon from the "Desperately Seeking Susan" model) and head to my gig.
Big luxury here! The sound guy is fantastic and reshapes my sound as I warm up, until he comes up with a sharp Rock one. My host is amazing, clamming his place as a church, and the place is definitely cut for my stories with lots of wood and exotic carpets.
I have to say it was quite impressive to play in front of people - friends, colleagues, and family - who mostly known me from another life where they all played a crucial role! So good to see everyone gathered in that precious moment! I know some of you came from a far away place, and I had a blast telling stories you'd never heard otherwise!
I ended up having a wonderful diner in the hills of Montmartre, where I used to live, which I rediscovered that night. Staying at one of my cousins was really lovely too since we had a chance to share a moment together, and I got to have coffee and a shower in the morning.
The next day I went to an Internet café and found out that my music video "Running Away" has been featured on YouTube, which stated 4,400 hits within 24 hours. I was so thrilled, I started to shake and had to tell the waitress about it!
What a blast!

Le Set de la Butte - Paris
May 8, 2007 • Camera by Zherman