So Far, My Love

Live Rehearsal




Paris. My first gig in town since years and years and years.
Most people I know have never seen me play before. Uh, yes, I was playing Rock before I made my name as a Visual Artist. Funny how history comes right back at you sometimes!
So I moved from a great place in New York to a Punk Squat (an occupied house) in Paris.
How more Rock n' Roll can that be, I'm not sure!
We're not paying any rent to stay in that old building by the Seine (a prime time location) which is the great part. The dark side of it is that there's no electricity during the day, until the public light goes on (around 11pm summer time) which gives us all the power we need for the Stove, TV, DVD, Heater, Hair dryer, Energy for my laptop, and any other electrical equipment you can think of, since there's a secret hidden wire directly connected to the public power. No, I won't tell you where it is!! There's also no running water, so I have to wash myself with cold water in a basin and throw the waste outside through the window. In other words, we have all the comfort from the 18th century! But hell, Punk is not dead, and there's still no future!
So I head to the Cantada II, which is one of the last Rock bar in town, and a pretty fancy one! Unlike New York, people look at me with a certain arrogance in the Metro, and when I get out of the underground... it's raining. How come? Well, it's raining, like it is usually in Paris. How could I have forgotten... ??!
The Bar is pretty cosy though on the ground floor, and the underground concert hall is quite amazing: it looks almost like a chapel, with all the real old bare stones. The owner fixed the place amazingly and is now taking care of my sound and light like no-one before! And I have a special crowd gathered here tonight, mostly artists! And some quite inspiring ones!


Cantada II - Paris
May 4, 2007 • Camera by Ced