So Far, My Love

Live Rehearsal




New York. Second date.
I took the subway from Harlem where I'm staying to the legendary Club Midway in East Village where I'm playing tonight.
And here I am, standing at a red light with my guitar in my hand and my suitcase in the other, when this weird guy comes to me. He walks around me (two circles) , pointing his finger at my face, saying "you look like, you look like..." then he stops and says "Sigourney Weaver!!!". Big smile on his face. I look at him. He's that chunky guy with bizarre sunglasses: one side green and rounded, the other red and triangular.
I'm like "what?"! And then comes the Alien and Ghostbuster and all that.
You'll tell me from the video, seriously!
So here I am in the Club. Got my first "whiskey sawer" ever, which made the bartender really proud, and then I'm on stage.
Except during the balance when the amp wasn't grounded, which resulted in an extremely hard electric shock in my mouth from the mic (look like it's a local thing), the sound is pretty nice.
The gig goes pretty well, and I have a blast when I see walking some really important people: that girl I saw perform in LA a couple of years ago, my roomate-for-the-week who's just coming back from a rehearsal, and that incredibly talented painter I've been dying to meet for a long time, who will walk me through pretty much every painting at the Met a couple of days later!
It's interesting when you're on stage: you're focus on what you're doing, still aware of what's happening. It's like a duplicity in the moment.
Then I got lost in the subway, (after) hours later, on my way back home. No big deal, I was on the phone with one of my beloved LA designer friend...

Club Midway - New York
April 23, 2007 • Camera by Scott Magri