So Far, My Love

Live Rehearsal




New York. I haven't been in the city in 3 years,
and I never got to play there, so this is a première!!
I'm staying in Harlem at my good friend's place where I stayed before, so it has a little "coming back home" feel, although the couch is new and so is his roommate.
The Tiki bar where I'm playing is in East Village, on the other side of town.
So here I am heading there in the New York subway, carrying my guitar and my equipment suitcase, and it's funny how musicians detect one another since I can tell some people are addressing me a friendly smile (or is it just me?).
So I get to the bar, it's dark and underground, just how I like it.
All the flyers announcing my show are gone, and there's a strange blues/rock band performing when I walk in. They're soon enough replaced by some rock/punk band that seem to scare away everybody around (sorry guys, I have to tell the truth here). Honestly, I can't leave, there's only their neighbor and... me in the hall! The good thing is that most of the time, band you've supported support you as well. New Yorkers seem pretty straight on this one.
Anyway, I get on stage, but it turns out that
there's no light, no sound engineer, the mic is giving me electric shocks, the ground is not even and the amp stops in the middle of my first and second songs!
(I'm not kidding : just watch the video !)
What a hell of a first gig!
But you know what: I always like to think when it gets tough,
if I were able to survive that show, I can survive any show!

Otto's Shrunken Head - New York
April 19, 2007 • Camera by Ross Williams