Musician and Visual Artist Astrid Chevallier
started playing flute and studying classical music at the age of six.
She has been performing solo and with ensemble for 12 years. Life took her from home country France to Austria, where she graduated with a mention "excellent" in both Music and Visual Art classes. She relocated to Paris to attend Fine Art Schools, and to take singing and guitar classes.
She led rock blues music jam cessions with fellow art students, and performs as the lead singer of a local punk band.

Her graphic design career took off when she was 23 years old.
Astrid developed a unique style by mixing painted elements with photographs and textures. She gained national press and notoriety with her posters for cities and theater. She also designed for corporate institutions, worked on interactive medias, and has been teaching graphic design. As a painter, she has been exploring abstraction and has shown her collections in French and Dutch exhibitions.

After 8 years of silence, Astrid picked up her guitar and locked herself in an isolated house in South of France. She experimented at night and structured during day time, coming up with dozens of rock and electroacoustic original pieces as her coming back to the music world.

In 2002 she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her artistic path. During the day she was leading the LA based Design firm Purple Red which has been designing Movie posters for both major Hollywood Studios and independent film productions. At night she was writting, composing and recording original music.

In 2004 Astrid co-produced the Award-winning short film "Cuco Gomez-Gomez is Dead!". She composed the theme song - which soon became an underground local hit - and starred as one of the main characters.

Astrid Chevallier's first album "So Far, My Love" was released in June 2006. Astrid has been writing, composing, recording and producing 14 rock and experimental songs. The album takes you to a inner trip, through multi layered vocals, unusual sounds and heavy guitars. Edgy graphics bring her world together, featuring photographic self-portraits combined with insects and fabulous beasts.
Astrid's new website showcases her work as a musician, graphic artist and painter, and displays an online shop for her aficionados.

Astrid Chevallier is currently promoting her current material and developing her next project which should include video work.