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Immigrant Magazine Online:
Astrid Chevallier, A Touch Of European Flavor To Hollywood.
"I came through a company who was looking for an Art Director anywhere in the world that would have experience in cultural poster design. That was precisely my background."
"Ad an emotional dimension to a perfectly polished picture."
"A consultant for bigger agencies that have access to multi-million dollars movie projects."
"I have access to some of the best freelancers in town to form the best possible teams."
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Campus Circle:
Astrid Chevallier: Designs Posters for Benjamin Button, I'm not There and more.
"Her talent and works have been recognized worldwide."
"People can relate to my work."
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Immigrant Magazine Print:
Astrid Chevallier Brings a European Flavor To Hollywood.
"One of the most imaginative and talented graphic artists of our times."
"Chevallier is adding a cutting edge twist into the $250 millionbusiness of creating movie posters."
"I design both for the indie market and the Majors' super-productions."
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Astrid Chevallier, a French poster designer in Hollywood.
"Creating posters is a form of design I've been doing consistently over my career."
"You have only one picture, and yet it has two goals: catch the eye of the viewer first. Deliver a proper message comes right next."
"Most of my posters have some "texture". I like to integrate a painted impression or some scratches to my posters. It helps to create a feeling, a mood in a subtle way."
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News Blaze:
Graphic Artist Astrid Chevallier Introduces the Profession of "Affichiste".
"Marketing, functionality, creative sensibility and artistic finesse."
"An impressive list of film/TV credits attached to some of the most prominent studios such as Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures."
"A poster can make or break a movie."
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Paroles d'Artiste:
About Astrid Chevallier's approach of Design.
"Graphic design, to me, is a reflection of who you are. To choose a design is to choose a way to show yourself. Design is a shortcut in human relationships."
"Her pictures can be seen everywhere, especially in the street. They find their place in the ambient chaos and still they are visible, readable, and different."
" Astrid Chevallier suggests more than she shows. This evocation through elements allows the visual to live inside one's mind with more freedom, and more reality."
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