Born in Normandie, France, ASTRID CHEVALLIER studied visual art in Fine Art schools in Paris, and has been a professional artist since then.

Astrid's current painting exploration is an invitation to pause, breathe and reconnect with our true human nature.
Using visual rhythms inspired by Nature (such as ice, water, rock formations…) as a starting point to lay down an acrylic paint foundation, she creates original compositions by enhancing parts of the resulting texture with golden pigments. She then draws golden line patterns (somehow inspired by Mayan and pre-Columbian art) that emphasize the existing visual structure while bringing a precious aspect to it.
The resulting pieces provide a quiet flow of visual movement;
a Zen, playful and beautiful space to get immersed into,
for it heals the eyes and calms the mind.

Astrid has been trained in traditional drawing, painting, color, photography, calligraphy, typography, illustration and graphic design. She landed her first job as a production artist at the major advertising agency Euro-RSCG, where she became fully proficient with the digital applications in use in the business. She moved on to become an instructor on Photoshop and other creative and design software, while operating under her own label and providing graphic design services to corporations (group Rémy Cointreau, bank Société Générale). Most importantly Astrid became a Poster Designer for French Cities and Theaters, and developed a style that mixes painting, photography, montages and typography.
With her agenda fully booked, Astrid experimented the need to explore Abstract Art as a way to escape from the commercial requirements of graphic art. She wanted to reconnect with the pure act of painting and started to develop a body of work based on texture and color, which offers the viewer's mind a place to wander, imagine and recharge itself.

Astrid's work has been shown in solo and collective exhibitions in Europe and the US, in multi-media art installations, in web series, and in art events often paired with live painting cessions.
Astrid also currently operates as the creative director of the Los Angeles based graphic design studio Purple Red, where she creates original movie posters and collateral material for the film industry.

Astrid Chevallier is also an accomplished musician
(writer, composer and performer), and her debut pop-rock album "So Far, my Love" (available on iTunes) got her to tour Europe and the US (see videos on her YouTube channel).
She is currently enrolled in advanced music classes to deepen her knowledge of musicianship, harmony and piano.

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Astrid Chevallier